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Author Topic: MilSim Paintball Rules: ATTENTION  (Read 4044 times)


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MilSim Paintball Rules: ATTENTION
« on: May 07, 2007, 10:47:23 AM »

For those who are unsure of the rules we enforce, here they are:

1. Mask on while on the field, no exceptions!!!  Never, never, never take off your mask at any time while on the field.  Even when the game is over, there are still people with loaded markers on the field.  If your lens are fogged, leave the field, DO NOT LIFT YOUR MASK.  One small boy years back lost his eye when he lifted his mask to air it out.  Even when walking the field and you are certain there is no one out, wear your mask.  Get into the habit of wearing it all the time while on the field.  If you find your mask uncomfortable to wear, well guess what...get something that fits and that you can wear for a long time.  Also, inspect your mask for cracks...a cracked lens WILL break when hit directly.  Whats 20-40 bucks for a new lens?  Worth risking your eyes??  Buy an extra lens and bring it with you.

2. Barrel condoms on at all times you are leaving the field or in the staging area.  Barrel plugs and other devices don't protect others against flying objects as the plugs themselves can be shot out.  Watch a video on Web Dog to find out what happens.  (BBD part 1 and 1)

3. Wiping a hit is one of the most dishonest acts in the game.  Wiping is considered a serious offense.  It is also a serious offense to accuse another player when little evidence is available.  Be sure of what you see someone do, and be aware of old hits.  It is up to the players to clean their hits after game play.  Anyone caught cheating (wiping) during regular games and tourneys will be kicked out and no longer welcome.  Wiping is a conscience act and can't be done accidentally.

4. Blind firing is NOT TOLERATED because it's extremely dangerous.  Blind firing is when a player sticks his/her marker around a corner or bunker without seeing where the marker is pointed.  There may be someone standing right around the corner.  You could cause serious injury to them.

5. Mercy rule:  When you approach a tango from behind and they cannot see you, call mercy when you are closer than 10 feet or so.  If they give up, all is good, however if they turn to shoot you have to right to shoot first.  If you call mercy on someone and you're not fast enough and they shoot you first...guess what, you're out my friend.  If you come around a corner and both of you are facing each other, its up to the moment, but try to mercy instead of getting hit that close.  Don't call mercy on someone across the field.  This rule was meant for keeping us all safe and happy.  Just ask me about the point blank shot to the back I received.  If the other player had said mercy, I would have given up no problem.

Mercy rule modification**
The use of training (rubber) knives during games will be strictly limited to certain games/fields.  A training knife will be used in the place of a "mercy".  The rules for the use of a training knife are the following:
a.) Only approved training knives will be allowed.  No home-made versions.
b.) No stabbing, slashing or throwing. 

6. Chronographing:  Every player must be below 300 FPS, or the safe velocity set by the field, and those using CO2 must chrono again during the day because the day gets warmer and heats the CO2 faster in the tank.  Its not hard to do, and everyone should do it during the day anyways.  If you can't figure out why this is important... ask the people hit by "hot" shots and they will tell you why.  The goggles are only designed to take direct hits of something like 370FPS...I could be wrong on those numbers, but you can risk endangering someones eyes if you don't chrono.  You are also not welcome in MilSim.  Besides, paintballs don't fly well over 300FPS anyways.

7. Be considerate to other players, all other players...newbies and pros.  If someone is not sure of the rules, help them out.  Paintball is a team sport.

8. Paintball hits: If the paintball hits you and breaks, you are out. If the paintball hits you and doesn't break, as long as you don't call yourself out, you're not out. If the paintball hits and doesn't break but you call yourself out, you ARE out.  Make certain of the hit before calling out.  In tourneys you can call for a ref to verify the hit. If you are splattered with paint that hits the walls and other objects you are not out.  You may be covered in paint but as long as you don't receive a direct hit, you are still in the game.  Again, if you do call yourself out, you ARE out.  Friendly hits DO count... deal with your own teammates after the game.
      Grenade hits: You need to be hit by enough splatter to form the size of a quarter.  In other words if you are in a building and the nade goes off next to you, you and anyone else hit by the spray is out.
      Land mine hits:  Work the same as grenade hits.
      When hit: Call "hit" or "I'm out" and walk off the field the fastest and safest route.  Avoid fire fights and blocking the line of sight of other players.  Best method is to go the the tape line and walk up the perimeter.  Keep you marker pointed up with an open hand up.  Best if both hands are in the air.  Make it obvious you are out, because if you don't you might get hit again...although you may get hit again, most of the time its accidental.

Hits to your marker are considered, unless using the "broken marker" scenario.  In this case if your marker is hit, it becomes "broken" and can no longer be used.  You will have to switch to a back-up marker or in a scenario with engineers, have them "repair" your marker.

9. "Dead men don't talk"    Simple rule, you don't talk after being hit, other than announcing you are "hit".  If you're hit you are dead and can't give intel to other players whether they are your troops or not.  If a ref asks you a question, that's a different story.  You can talk to refs if you're dead.  Simply, don't talk until off the field that way there is no confusion.

10. The dead man's walk... some think its funny and some don't.  Well in MilSim, its not tolerated.  For those that don't know what it is: the dead man's walk is simply walking with your marker down across the field pretending to be dead..but your arms are not over your head.  The other players think you're dead and don't shoot you.  As soon as you get past the enemies, you open fire on the unexpected players.  Its a form of cheating and like wiping, you won't be around long in MilSim if caught doing it.

11. Over shooting:  Not laying cover fire, but shooting a player more than 1 shot on purpose.  Those with electro markers must be aware that they can cause great pain to others.  This goes under to rule of being considerate to others.  We are all in control of how and where we shoot.  Knowingly shooting a player more than is necessary is the definition of overshooting.   

12. Approved paintball equipment only at games.  Safety comes first.  Use cold burning smoke whenever possible.

13. Best of all, please do have fun.  If there is anything you see that isn't right, please say something to the staff.  We are NOT everywhere at all times.  We can't see everything.  You help us make the game enjoyable.

MilSim Leads The Way!!

Just remember paintball is just a game.
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Re: MilSim Paintball Rules: ATTENTION
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2008, 11:04:08 PM »

13. Alcohol and drugs are prohibited during play.  Any member suspected of being under the influence of this, or any other narcotic, will be removed from the field.

14. There is a cap of 20 bps during MTP game days, and casual days. This includes ANY field that MTP travels to.

MTP Admin
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