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  • April 21, 2015, 07:07:16 AM
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About MilSim

Lets start from the beginning.


MilSim is an abbreviation of Military Simulation, and refers to military simulations conducted by civilians for entertainment and recreational purposes. There are several forms of MilSim: airsoft games, paintball games, and video games simulating military scenarios and tactics. Milsim paintball refers to the use of paintball equipment designed to look more like real firearms, the use of military (or SWAT) tactics and military scenario games.

The idea for Milsim Team Paintball came in the summer of 2005 while we were playing at Canadian Paintball's outdoor field. We've always enjoyed mil-style paintball and found that we loved large games with lots of players. We also found that the hardest part was getting large groups of people together CONSISTENTLY. More than that, was the lingering feeling that something was missing. "Where the heck are all of the milsim players?" We knew they where out there but there was no way to get us all together to play the way we all love, milsim style with lots of "tangos."

Second we want to say that its one thing to play large games, but we really want this to be a great experience for all, rookies and vets.  Whenever possible, our staff will run organized games consisting of objective-based missions.  This farther encourages our membership to think and problem solve, rather than just "spray and pray."  With the introduction of ILAPS (International Limited Ammo Paintball Series) the games become challenging.

Lastly we want to keep the game of paintball fun, fair and safe for all players.  When we promote participation we also promote those key values.  We encourage players to be as creative as they can to keep it fun.  We want members to do just that, promote all our values so that future generations may learn.

Please contact us by email with any questions or suggestions . Your suggestions are appreciated and vital to the growth of Milsim Team Paintball and the growth of the sport. We'll continue updates in the forum and on our web site.

-Milsim Administration



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