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  • April 26, 2015, 11:31:24 PM
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Welcome to

Manitoba's only MilSim paintball league

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MilSim Team Paintball

Welcome to Manitoba Milsim!


Manitoba's only MilSim paintball group.



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Milsim Code of Conduct:

  1. As members of Milsim Team Paintball, we need to set an example of sportsmanship, honesty, and integrity in the paintball community. We will not tolerate wiping, cheating, and poor attitudes. As Milsim Team Paintball members, we must always do our best to show a positive image of our league, for the sport, and our sponsors.

  2. We will treat all players, both members, and non-members, of Milsim Team Paintball with respect. We welcome new players, and will always be there to help when needed. New players are the future of this sport; seasoned players are there to mentor those new players.

  3. Each member has a role, and plays their role to complete the mission.

  4. As a member of Milsim Team Paintball, working as a whole will only further the membership, and strengthen the sport. We must look at the larger picture, and do our best to help strengthen our members, and our sport.

  5. We will all learn through our experiences with the league, so we may help others. Sharing positive ideas and values is part of being a team.

  6. No matter if we win or lose the mission, our goal is to have fun, and play safe, in the name of the game. Encouragement should be the objective, while keeping the game fair and always safe for everyone involved. Have fun, and pass on the positive spirit to others.


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